Dunchurch Infant School & Nursery

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Dear Parents and Carers

Dunchurch Infant School and Nursery’s PTA is a voluntary organisation which aims to involve parents in school life, fund raising and other activities.  All parents are automatically PTA members and are welcome to attend meetings, which are advertised in the school's newsletter and calendar.  An extra pair of hands is always welcome at PTA events, even if you cannot attend the meetings.  Without question, the most valuable asset that we have is the volunteer.  Sometimes people say the reason why they don’t volunteer is because they weren’t asked – well please consider yourself asked!

The PTA can help parents:

  • improve the school
  • get to know each other – whilst taking part in enjoyable activities
  • share common concerns
  • find out more about how the school works
  • fundraise for extra items or services to enrich the children’s education

The PTA can help children

  •  receive a richer education as a result of items provided by the PTA

  • benefit from your increased knowledge and understanding of the school community

The PTA can help teachers

  •   reach potential volunteers and enthusiasts who can help with school projects




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