Dunchurch Infant School & Nursery


After talking to parents at our Parents’ Forum, seeking their views through a survey and talking to pupils and reviewing research into the effectiveness of homework in primary schools, the Headteacher and teachers met and decided on the following approach to homework from September 2016:



Handwriting boards and pens as well as ideas for practical maths at home, with further ideas in the Newsletters throughout the year.


Year 1: 

From October half term, 5 spellings and 5 maths facts to be sent home and learnt.  * How much time families spend learning spellings and number bonds is up to them.


Year 2:

10 spellings and 10 maths facts to be tested.  * How much time families spend learning spellings and maths facts is up to them.


Some parents have said they would like additional homework tasks relating to topics. This will take the form of a book with activities for children in Year 2 from which the child can choose. There will be a new set of activities every half term. Teachers will look at this work and show their appreciation and that they value it through the use of stickers. This homework is purely optional; we appreciate the divergence of opinion on homework. We will ask parents who want the extra work to opt in by responding to a letter sent out at the start of the year.


We also emphasise that listening to your child read is the most important thing of all and should be your first priority.  A point that came out of talking to pupils is that whilst older children read to their parents, they sometimes don’t have much time to have their parents read to them.  We consider this to be just as important.  Please read stories to your children as much as possible. To help with this we will share a list of suggested books that you and your child might enjoy.

Following on from suggestions made by parents we will also continue to share through our Newsletter, apps which parents have found useful and open up the library to children in Reception.

*With spelling and maths tests children will be told the score.  If parents aren’t sure whether their child is telling them the truth(!) then they can ask teachers or email the school office.