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To find links to support your child’s learning in phonics please click here.

The following is designed to help your child learn in the vital area of phonics.  Some of the information follows the structure of the ‘Letters and Sounds’ phonics scheme, which we use at Dunchurch Infant School.  The scheme is split into phases.  Your child’s teacher regularly assesses their progress and will share this information with you.  This will help you to know which phases your child is working on.

Correct pronunciation of the sounds (phonemes) is essential.  The video below is a useful guide:  Encouraging children to think about the shape of the lips when making the sounds helps.  For example ‘m’ and ‘n’ sound similar but require a different shape of the lips; the lips are together when pronouncing ‘m’ and apart for ‘n’.  Although not visible on the video, encourage your child to think about their tongue position.  When pronouncing ‘n’ the tongue touches the roof of the mouth.

Some of the most useful phonics websites are:

Letters and Sounds – games and printable resources

Mr Thorne does phonics – an extensive range of videos on youtube

Alphablocks – Games and videos from the Cbeebies program

Letters and sounds – Information from the Department for Education