Dunchurch Infant School & Nursery

Reception Intake 2018


Apply online at:   warwickshire.gov.uk/admissions

You will need an email address and your Council Tax Property Reference Number.

If you apply after 15 January 2018, your application will be classed as 'late', unless you are moving house.

Late applications will not be considered until after the first round of offers have been released on 16 April 2018.

If you have any difficulty applying online, please call the Admissions Service on 01926 414143.

Important Dates for Applications:

15 January 2018 - Deadline for making an on time application for a Reception place

26 February 2018 - Deadline for families moving into an area to make an application and provide proof of their new address

16 April 2018 - National Offer Day for Reception places

14 May 2018 - Reallocation commences - appeals should be submitted by this date

4 June 2018 - In-year applications processed from this date

11 June 2018 - In-year offers made from this date


Having your child at the Nursery setting attached to a school does not guarantee a place at that school - you must still apply.

Having a sibling at your preferred school does not guarantee a place but this information still needs to be entered on to your application.

If your child is classed as a 'looked after' child (or previously classed as looked after) make sure that you add this information to your application.

Contact the Admissions Service if you have any questions.