Dunchurch Infant School & Nursery

Meet our Staff

Meet the fantastic team at Dunchurch Infant School and Nursery!



Interim  Executive Headteacher

 Tracy Miller

Co-Head of School

 Sandra Barnes, Tina Carrington and Suzanne Marson

Reception Teachers

Lizzie Lodge (Little Owls)

Tina Carrington (Elf Owls)

Year 1 Teachers

Anna Shrimpton and Richard Coppillie (Snowy Owls)

Laura Rawes and Richard Coppilie (Barn Owls)

Year 2 Teachers



Designated Safeguarding Leads

Leanne Macaulay (Spectacled Owls)

Katie Guy (Tawny Owls)

Sandra Barnes

 Tracy Miller, Sandra Barnes, Suzanne Marson, Michelle Maguire and Tina Carrington

Teaching Assistants







Reception - Lisa McConnell (Little Owls) and Lesley Hillman (Elf Owls)

Year 1 -  Sarah Morgan, Joanne Down and Fiona Darcy

Year 2 - Vicki Bale 

Michelle Maguire

Terryanne Mosley



Nursery Staff

Nursery Manager

Natalie Herbert

Deputy Nursery Manager

Kerry Hatfield

Early Year Educators

Blue Room - Beth Wilkins, Petra Llewellyn and Sasha Reed

Red Room - Kerry Hatfield, Keren Brannan and Julie Maddock

Rainbow Room - Tracy Simpson and Pamela Jebson



School Business Manager

Linda Beech

School Office

Tracey Nicholls

Julie Young

Lisa Trewern


Owls Club Co-ordinator

Lynda Cole

Owls Club Assistants

Sandra Astley

Sandra Barrett

Nicola Davies

Lyn Patel

Suman Srivastav

Senior Midday Supervisor

Paula Burdett

Midday Supervisors

Sandra Astley

Ian Eames

Elizabeth Ewart

Eleanor Flower

Stephen Games

Kate Magee

Ellie McConnell

Jeanette Mushing

Sasha Reed

Sarah Wright


David Haggan

Caretaker's Assistant

Carol Turtle


Educaterers Staff

Sarah-Jane Lawrence

Mehtap A'Hara

Jess Smith-Tipler