Dunchurch Infant School & Nursery

Phonics and learning to read

The school has developed its own approach to phonics.  We have adapted and improved the structure of letters and sounds.  In nursery and reception we also use Jolly Phonics to support the children’s learning.

Children’s phonics knowledge is assessed termly in order to inform teachers planning and to check all children are making progress.  More information and links to phonics resources can be found on our website here.

All children take home reading books from reception onwards, with some children doing so in the nursery if we consider them ready for it.  The school has a wide range of books which are matched to a child’s level of phonics understanding.  Our books come from a wide range of reading schemes, including Oxford Reading TreePearson Bug ClubCollins Big CatOxford University Project X and Ginn All Aboard.

In year 1 children take part in the national phonics screening.  Children are asked to read forty words, some of which are ‘non-words’.  The expected level is to get thirty-two out of forty correct.  Children who did not reach that level, take the phonics screening again a year later.  For the last four years the schools pass rate has comfortably exceeded the national average.