Dunchurch Infant School & Nursery

Over and Above

At Dunchurch Infant School and Nursery we want to make sure that not only all children reach high academic standards in all subject areas, but that they have a wide range of exciting and memorable opportunities which go “over and above” the statutory curriculum.  After consulting children, parents and staff we have put together the following programme:

  • Children will watch a world class sporting event
<h4>Watching Mo Farah break a world record in Birmingham

Watching Mo Farah break a world record in Birmingham

  • Children will learn a foreign language (French)

  • Children will grow food and use it to cook a meal for their family

<h4>Growing toppings for our pizza feast!

Growing toppings for our pizza feast!

  • Children will learn to play a musical instrument (ukulele)

  • Children will create art with professional artists and have the work exhibited

  • Children will watch a play or a musical performance at a theatre

  • Children will find out about the world of technology by working with scientists and engineers