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Welcome to the Governor section of the Dunchurch Infant School & Nursery website.

I would like to introduce myself; I am Eva Goodwin, Chair of Governors. I have been a Governor here for the past four years and became Chair two years ago.  I live in Dunchurch and I am a teacher at a local secondary school.

My role is to work with the other Governors, Mr Dewes and the school staff to ensure that every child in the Nursery and School achieves their full potential.

The governing body has 3 main roles:

  1. To provide a strategic direction for the work and improvement of the school

  2. To support, monitor and evaluate the performance and effectiveness of the school

  3. To ensure accountability for the standards achieved and the quality of education

We have an excellent and committed Board of Governors here, from a range of backgrounds, each of us offering a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Mr Dewes and the Senior Leadership Team manage the school on a day to day basis and the Governors meet regularly, as necessary, to look at specific projects, developments and to monitor the work of the school.

We support and challenge the staff to make sure that all the children are making good progress, that everyone is safe in school and that all legal requirements are adhered to.

We celebrate the achievements of children and staff, and do our best to make sure that Dunchurch Infant School & Nursery nurtures lifelong learners.

I am always happy to hear from parents and other members of the local community – both in terms of what we are doing well, and also about things we could do better.  Please contact me via the School Office.

Eva Goodwin, Chair of Governors, April 2017


You can view our policy on the Instrument of Government by clicking the  image below.

Dunchurch Infant School and Nursery


Standing Committee Membership 2016/17

Finance & Premises

Performance and Standards

Sandra Barnes

Suzanne Marson

Ian Dewes

Fiona Fitzsimons

Ruth Kilborn

Nicola Sodhi   (Chair)

Ian Armstrong

Rachel Gower (Chair)

Sandra Barnes

Ian Dewes

Brian Shields

Eva Goodwin

Chris Tabor



Teacher's Pay Committee

Fiona Fitzsimons

Eva Goodwin

Chris Tabor









Note: The Chair, or in his absence the Vice-chair, may call any three of the named governors to sit on a hearings or appeals committee. Any Governor who has sat on the hearings committee will not be eligible to sit on the appeals committee.


Special Areas of Responsibility


Chair of Governors

Eva Goodwin


Chris Tabor

SEN Governor  

Nicola Sodhi

Governors Forum Patch Representative

Chris Tabor and Eva Goodwin

Health and Safety

Linda Beech

Ruth Kilborn

Training Link Governor 

Maria Page


Contact us

We are always keen to listen to parents, staff and children. If you want to get in touch with us please do so through via the school office. You can also use the contact form below to get in touch with the Clerk. We actively welcome Parents’ views on how we could be more accessible and share our vision for the School and listen to Parents.

Comments or questions are welcome.


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