Dunchurch Infant School & Nursery

Year 2

Welcome to year 2!

During the year the children are taught through topics in a cross curricular way.

Our themes for the year are:

  • ‘The Enchanted Forest’

  • ‘Time Traveller’s Journal’

  • ‘Frozen Planet’

  • ‘Lighthouse Rescue’

  • ‘Thing’s that go bump in the night’

  • ‘Inventions and Discoveries’

The children will also have the opportunity to take part in some school trips relevant to these subjects, for example: to St. John’s Museum to learn about ‘A Victorian Christmas’ during our ‘Time Travellers Journal’ theme. We also seek to have people in to school to talk to the children about some of our subjects, such as Mark Wood- an Arctic Explorer, during our ‘Frozen Planet’ theme.

All National Curriculum subjects are taught through these themes (Please click here to find out more about the National Curriculum). As the children are now a bit older they are encouraged to take more responsibility for their own learning.

Children will also have the opportunity to take part in a number of other activities as part of our ‘Over & Above’ programme. For year 2 children this will involve a trip to see ‘The BFG’, working with a professional artist and having their own artwork displayed, learning a foreign language, having the opportunity to go to the National Indoor Athletics Grand Prix and learning to play a musical instrument (ukulele).

For reading:

  • Children have three books at a time.

  • Children are allowed to change one, two or even all three books each day if they need to.

  • If children want to change their book(s) they must put them and their reading log in the box in the classroom.  The children have been shown which box this is.

  • A teacher or teaching assistant will check the reading log to make sure the children have read the book(s) they want to change.  They will be able to see this from your comments, so please make sure you make a record of your child’s reading.   Occasionally, a child will want to change a book simply because they don’t like the book and as long this doesn’t happen too often, this is acceptable.  Please write a comment in your child’s diary explaining this is the case.

  • The children will be allowed to change their books during morning or afternoon registration.

In year 2 the children work at ‘Phase 6’ in their phonics. This involves recapping the graphemes learnt during phase 5, the introduction of prefixes and suffixes and grammar work. The children continue to work on applying their knowledge of phonics when reading and spelling out words.

In Maths children build upon the basic skills learnt in Reception and Year 1. They learn how to solve questions involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using a variety of methods. Work is also carried out related to fractions, space, shape, measures and data handling. The children also take part in problem solving activities where they can demonstrate their understanding of the Maths skills they have learnt.

The children will have two sessions of Physical Education a week, one with a qualified sports coach, and one with their class teacher. This year Year 2 will have their lessons on Tuesday & Friday.

Children take the SATS in the summer term of Year 2, which can involve a mixture of tests or tasks. These are statutory and must be taken by every child.  The children usually enjoy the SATS tests and we present them to the children as a special task that we need to do. You will be informed of your child’s SATS results at parents evening in the summer term.

You can find more information about timings of the school day, lunch time arrangements and uniform, by clicking here.

Transition work with Dunchurch Junior School begins in the summer term. The children visit the school as a class to carry out activities and tasks with the year 3 teachers. Once the children have their transition day in July they are familiar with the staff and the layout of the school and settle in to their new school quickly.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to talk to the class teachers or teaching assistants when you drop off or collect your child. Alternatively if you leave a message with the school office we will get back to you.